Late night discussions over beers revealed that many of us in Oregon were thinking the same thing:  This would be a great place to host the InterAmericas Hash!  We have incredible beer, stunning scenic beauty, and fantastic shiggy. 

In the past decade we have grown to 13 Kennels with over 500 hashers.  We have a great mix of veteran hashers and enthusiastic youth.  Portland is proud to be the host of InterAmericas 2015 and we look forward to seeing you here.

ON ON to IAH 2015 in Oregon!!!

InterAmOregon Organizing Committee:

String Cheese (Oregon H3) -      
Barely ManBelow (Eugene H3) -  

 Wet Spots (Deadwhores H3)


ClownMydia - Web Masterbater

Cock Jaw & Ass Parade - Money Misers

Pabst Smear - Trail Master


Oregon Hash Kennels:
  • Oregon Hash
  • Kahuna Hash
  • Beaver Hash
  • Portland Humpin Hash
  • No Name Hash
  • Stumptown Hash
  • Deadwhores Hash
  • Eugene Hash
  • Corvallis Hash
  • Central Oregon Hash
  • Bend Hash
  • Coos Bay Area Hash
  • Ashland Hash