Personal Ads

Bimbos and Wankers!

Are you hoping to see someone you haven’t seen in a while at IAH in Portland?

Maybe you forget their name or home kennel?

Are you hoping to get laid that weekend?

Maybe even before the zippy trail on friday?

You don’t want to waste anytime!

Purchase a $5 personal ad in the official IAH magazine and your lude propositions will be read by all, so that you can find who you’re looking for right away!

If you’re looking for someone you met at a previous hash event, get a missed connections ad:

"Hot Tub Romance"

We met in Panama. After other hashers in the hot tub passed out, we fucked on them. You were wearing a blue cockring, I was wearing nothing. My number is in the hashpitality suite.

If you’re just horny, get a hasher seeking hasher ad:

"Gang Bang?"

I’m a skinny FRB seeking group play and casual encounters. I enjoy light S&M, spanking, whips, leather, and cock and ball torture. I’ll be the first to the beer check, find me there.

Act Now! There is limited space in the magazine. All personal ads must be 160 characters or less.

The submission deadline is June 1st, 2015!