Pre - Lubes

 Date     Event  City  Website
 July 31st - Aug. 2nd  GOLD RUSH!!!!  Coos Bay, OR Yeah Right... look for the word  document that gets handed around
 Aug. 27th - Sept 4th  Babe's Alaska Hash Cruise  Seattle, WA Babe's Hash Cruise
 Aug. 26th - Sept 4th  Puget Sound Hash Week  Seattle, WA Puget Sound Hash Week Calendar
 Aug. 27th - Sept 4th  Portland Hash TGIF  Portland, OR Oregon Hash Calendar
 Aug. 29th, 2015  Oregon H3 Full Moon  Portland, OR Oregon Hash Calendar
 Aug. 31st, 2015  Kahuna H3  Portland, OR Oregon Hash Calendar
 Sept. 1st, 2015  Ashland House Harriers  Ashland, OR Ashland H3
 Sept. 1nd, 2015  Beaver Hash  Portland, OR Oregon Hash Calendar
 Sept. 2nd, 2015  Portland Humpin' Hash  Portland, OR Oregon Hash Calendar
 Sept. 3rd, 2015  Okinawa Prelewd Hash  Portland, OR Registration Page
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 Sept. 3rd, 2015  Victoria H3 - Red Dress Run  Victoria, BC Event Page

Sept 4th - Sept 7th, 2015 IAH EVENT

 Post - Lubes

 Date     Event  City  Website
 Sept. 7th, 2015  Kahuna & Taipei Bikini Hash  Portland, OR  Oregon Hash Calendar
 Sept. 9th, 2015  Portland Humpin' Hash  Portland, OR  Oregon Hash Calendar
 Sept. 10-12th, 2015  Puget Sound Post Lube Trails  Seattle, WA  Puget Sound Hash Week Calendar
 Sept. 10th, 2015  No Name H3  Portland, OR  Oregon Hash Calendar
 Sept. 11th, 2015  Portland Hash TGIF  Portland, OR  Oregon Hash Calendar    
 Sept. 12th, 2015  3rd Anal Sauvie Island Hash - Stumptown  Portland, OR  RSVP Link

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