Public Lands

Two thirds of the State of Oregon is publicly owned.  This includes 92 million undeveloped acres and 363 miles of coastline.  We can hash almost anywhere.

Hashing in the Forest

Mt. Hood National Forest is 1,067,043 acres of shiggy filled bliss, is a mere 20 miles from Portland, and it’s damn BEAUTIFUL!  Bring your camera and maybe you'll grab a pic of the elusive Bigfoot. 

Photos of Mt. Hood National Forest        Mt Hood National Forest Info

Gorge-eous Hashing

Take a tour of waterfalls, hash along the river or stare up at the mountains.  Hashing in the Columbia River Gorge is sure to leave you mesmerized by the scenic beauty and very thirsty!

Coastal Hashing

Hop on a bus and sing a few hash songs and before you know it you’ll be hashing at the coast.  Beautiful beaches, coastal forestland and our hot and sexy natives with no fear of boob checks will have you thanking the Hash Gods.

Hashing in the Woods

Portland has extensive urban forest reserves, including Forest Park.  With 5000 acres and 70 miles of trails, it has been confusing hounds for decades.

Urban Hashing

We will have crawls of our fabulous microbreweries and distilleries, wineries, a strip club pub-crawl and a regular old pavement-pounder tour of the beautiful city of Portland.  Any number of ways to get shitty before you head to the venue to get shitty.

Whatever you want – we’ve got it!